Street Photography

For starters, this is a monumental record.  Two blog posts in a single month.  Never before; likely never again.

The new images are all film, all 35 mm (not my favorite), and all from Charleston, South Carolina.  This is perhaps the best city in the South in which to relax.  Great food, friendly residents, gorgeous old architecture, and class.  True Southern class.  I live in Tennessee, and Nashville may be hot right now (spare me the Instagram shots of brides in front of the wings), but Charleston is the older sibling of the South.  Nashville is a pimple-faced teenager by comparison.  And William Tecumseh Sherman should have tried harder in Atlanta.

But I digress.  I AM NOT A STREET PHOTOGRAPHER!  I don't really get it to be honest, but when you live a city of less than 50,000, there isn't the big city vibe (which is EXACTLY why my wife and I like it here).  You don't have tall, artsy buildings or rampant graffiti or an abundance of "talented" street performers.

So when I go to a larger city I try stepping outside that proverbial "Comfort Zone" that people who give photography advice admonish you to escape.  If you are a real street photographer, and you look at these images and want to toss your dinner, by all means contact me and tell me what the hell I'm supposed to do.  And if you just don't like them but you are not a real street photographer, then find another gallery.  You know, one where I actually know what I'm doing.

Thanks for visiting.