Ahh, It's Wedding Time Again

It's a good thing that Marion is no longer open.  The Marion Psychiatric Facility (or something like that, or just Marion) closed years ago.  But IF it was still open I would surely be committed.

See, I am NOT a wedding photographer, but I have once again agreed to shoot a wedding.  The last one went so well (there is a degree of sarcasm there) that I thought I'd try it again.  That and it's the niece of a fellow photographer and friend.  Still, I should probably be committed.

Shots to appear here in a day or two.

In other news I had two firsts recently.  For the first time I shot and developed 8x10 B/W negatives, and the next weekend I developed my first color film - Provia 100.  Come back soon for my thoughts on both, and the reasoning behind developing 4x5 transparency film.  There is a good case to be made for it.