A Beautiful Spring

Spring has come to East Tennessee, and while it has been quite warm for the season, the weather has been very moist.  This is good news indeed for our water table.

It was also apparently very good news for the Irises this spring.  I have seen a score if varieties and colors this year, all in spectacular glory.  Just within 500 feet of hour house I was able to corral three different colors and set them up in the studio (basement) under a single monolight.

The camera of choice was my Sinar F2. It may be a field camera (of sorts), but it is sooooo much easier to maneuver than my original Sinar P.  And the Nikon 210 mm f5.6 lens that came with it is a gem.  It isn't a macro lens, but the depth of field I get with it is near perfect for still life shots.

So, swing by the Bloom - 2018 and see what some Ilford HP5 can do.