It's Been a Busy Summer

Time flies when it's 90 degrees every day.  No, time just flies.  This is an avocation, not a vocation (yet), so it rather takes second place to life.  Thus, no postings in almost a year.  Unlike a few million Twitter users, I don't believe that everyone has a right to my opinion.

That said, I have put some new work up.  There are two (I think excellent) portrait sessions under Pro Work (Stephany and Beckie).  We had a lot of fun doing these shoots, and you can expect more from these models in the future.  It is such a joy to work with people who take direction accurately and build on it from there.  Class acts, both of them.

And a special thanks to my assistant on Beckie's shoot, Katie Sheffield.  Katie is receiving a newly minted MFA from ETSU in December.

I also had a solo show in September at The Nest at Blackbird Bakery in Bristol, Virginia.  If you didn't catch it, most the show can still be found here.  The show was composed entirely of prints from film, and five images are silver gelatin prints.  The catalog is here, and some prints are still available.

Come back soon.  As the weather turns nasty, I might finally get some of the many film images that shot over the summer scanned and posted.