It's Been a While

I admire all of the photographers out there that can get out to shoot weekly (daily?) and publish their work to the internet that day.  Me?  I'm not so good.  It's been a couple of months since my last upload, but there are some new shots for the three of you out there that might look at this site.

I find my myself doing more and more film work and less digital.  I still pull of the Canon for dog shots and most professional work, and some of the pro work from late this year can be found here.  And if you are interested in a professional shoot, portrait or sports, I work a bit differently.  The shoot might be typical, or it may not, but I will donate all of the fee to a local charity.  If you want to help the community, have fun, and get some great shots for your Facebook or LinkedIn page, contact me.

As for film, I can't explain its allure.  I believe that the images that film creates cannot be duplicated by a filter.  It may come close, but it is not the same.  Furthermore, I know that the resolution from a new Canon 5DS R is approaching that of a good film scan, but it's still 35 mm.  The look of 6x4.5, 6x6, and 4x5 is different.  Not better for everyone, but different.  And seeing the image on the ground glass is a feast for the eyes; it pops in a way that an SLR cannot replicate.  If you ever see a photographer shooting with a view camera (the kind with the hood you pull over your head), ask to see the ground glass image under the cloth.

You might notice that there are no links to Facebook, Instagram, or Google+ on this site.  I'm a pretty private person (with a web site - oxymoron), and I am definitely old school.  I believe that if your work is good word will get out, and it will be lasting work.  So far word is isn't out, and I can't speak to the enduring part, but I will keep shooting because, well, I'm having fun.

Finally, my wife sent me a link to another photographer's web site today.  Typically, I will scroll through admire the images, and go on.  But this one I bookmarked to come back again.  Take a look at Alex Burke's phenomenal work.  And then please forget it when you look at my plebeian efforts.