Way Too Long

No excuses.  It's been too long since I have posed much for the three of you folks that visit this site.  Fact - My wife is not one of those three.

Since the last posting, I have had more works placed in local businesses.  If you give blood (and you should if you can), visit the Blood Assurance facilities in Bristol, Virginia or Kingsport, Tennessee to see my work.  I am quite pleased to be selected to grace their walls.  Many thanks to Adam Ellsworth and the great staff at these locations.

New film shots have been added as well.  I finally got the new Sinar P mounted to a substantial tripod.  That damn thing is heavy!  But, I have never seen a camera that can do what this one does.  I figure that I've got twenty-five years of shooting photos left in me, and it will take that long to master this camera.  It's going to be a fun time.